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Glock 20
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general information
Civil name: Glock 20
Developer / Manufacturer: Glock
Manufacturer country: AustriaAustria Austria
Production time: since 1991
Model variants: 20, 20C
Weapon Category: gun
Overall length: 193 mm
Total height: 139 mm
Total width: 32.5 mm
Weight: (unloaded) 0.785 kg
Sight length : 172 mm
Barrel length : 117 mm
Technical specifications
Caliber : 10 mm car
Possible magazine fillings : 15 cartridges
Ammunition supply : Bar magazine
Fire types: Semi-automatic
Number of trains : Hexagonal
Twist : Right, 250 mm
Closure : modified Browning system
Charging principle: Recoil loader
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The Glock 20 is a semi-automatic pistol in the 10 mm auto caliber . It is used by a few police authorities and armies because the recoil of the 10 mm caliber was found to be too strong (see article on the 10 mm caliber car ). The Glock 20 has a magazine capacity of 15 cartridges and a weight of 785 g (without magazine) or 1010 g (with full magazine). The empty magazine weighs 75 g and fully loaded approx. 325 g.

The Glock 20 is also available - like other Glock models - as the Glock 20C (Compensator). The compensator is an integral part of the weapon construction. Due to the compensator bores eroded in the barrel and the extension of these bores through the slide, part of the gases that expand when the shot is fired is diverted upwards, which reduces the rifling of the weapon as part of the recoil. The disadvantage of the compensator constructions is that the gunner can be blinded by the muzzle flash, which is partly directed upwards - especially in night situations - and thus the use by the military, police etc. is only possible to a limited extent.

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