Gorno Eserowo

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The Burgassee with the LUKoil Neftochim refinery and the Dolno Eserowo district from Gorno Eserowo

Gorno Eserowo (also written Gorno Ezerovo , Bulgarian Горно Езерово , to German Upper Sea Village ) is a district of the Bulgarian Black Sea city ​​of Burgas with about 2000 inhabitants about 10 km away from the city center . On December 4, 1985, the place was incorporated into the municipality of Burgas and has been a district since 1987.

The district is located on the northern slope of the Burgas city hill: Warli brjag (209 m), south of Lake Burgas . The medieval Erkesija border wall ends to the west of Gorno Esserowo . It was built by order of the Bulgarian ruler Krum in the 9th century and reached from today's Burgas to Simeonowgrad on the Mariza river in the middle of the Thrace plain . Its length was 140 km. The border wall parted shortly before Pirgos and its sections reached the shores of what is now the Burgas and Mandra lakes.

The current district was first mentioned in 1623/24 in the Ottoman tax register as the village of Megrere . The village was in the Anchialo Vilayet and had a population of 86 Christian families. In 1864 the Ottoman government settled Circassians in the village. In 1884 the Islamic population was resettled from the village and the village stood empty. In 1913 the village was re-established as a refugee camp by Bulgarian refugees from the Balkan Wars of 1912/13 from East and West Thrace ( Thracian Bulgarians ) and Macedonia ( Macedonian Bulgarians ).

Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 42 ° 29 '  N , 27 ° 23'  E