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The Kaiserring - Art Prize of the City of Goslar is an international art prize . Since 1975, the city of Goslar and the “Verein zur Promote Moderne Kunst Goslar e. V. ”annually the undoped award to contemporary visual artists . The award owes its reputation to the number of well-known artists who have already received the ring, as well as to the competence of the jury with well-known museum experts.

The price

The Kaiserring is a gold-framed aquamarine with the portrait of Emperor Heinrich IV engraved from below . It was designed by the Worpswede master goldsmith Hadfried Rinke, father of the writer Moritz Rinke , and has been made by him piece by piece ever since. The first holder of the Goslarer Kaiserring was Henry Moore .

The Goslar “Association for the Promotion of Modern Art e. V. “is the founder of the art award and has 4000 members. The initiator of the association was the Goslar industrialist and patron of the arts, Peter Schenning, who was also able to convince the city council to set up the Mönchehaus Museum Goslar .

The chairman of the Kaiserring jury is Wulf Herzogenrath . Before that, Dieter Ronte , director of the Kunstmuseum Bonn , and before that, Dieter Honisch , former director of the Berlin National Gallery , were the respective jury chairmen. Since 1984, an annual Kaiserring scholarship has been given to young artists. This includes a solo exhibition in the Mönchehaus Museum Goslar and a purchase guarantee. The monk's house is a three-story half-timbered building built in 1528, which after its renovation serves as the domicile of the Goslarer Kunstverein.

Award winners

Kaiserring scholarship holders

A Kaiserring grant has been awarded to a young artist every year since 1984. The last scholarship holders (since 2014) were: Helen Feifel, Ren Ri, Julian Charrière , Stella Förster, Matt Copson, Andreas Greiner, Alexander Iskin


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