Gottfried I (Provence)

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Gottfried I or Josfred († probably February 1061/62) was together with his brothers Wilhelm IV († 1019/30) and Fulko Bertrand I († probably 1051) Count of Provence . All three were sons of Count Wilhelm II and Gerberga of Burgundy . It is possible that he only used the title of count after the death of his brother Wilhelm.

He became Count of Arles in 1032 . On May 26, 1037 he and his brother Fulko Bertrand made a donation to the Cluny Abbey . With Fulkos death he became sole count with the title marchyo sive comes Provincie , where the margrave symbolizes that he was the head of the family.

Gottfried stood out as a church builder in the region that had been devastated by the Saracen invasions. He restored Sparro Abbey and gave it to the Archbishop of Aix . Like most of his ancestors, he was the patron saint of Saint-Victor in Marseille . In 1045 he agreed to a donation from one of his vice counts to this monastery, in March 1048 the transfer of property from Raimbaud de Reillanne , Archbishop of Arles 1030-1039 to the church. On July 1, 1055 and again in 1057, he, his wife Stefanie von Marseille, called Dulcia and daughter of Count Bertrand, and his son Wilhelm VI. Saint-Victor himself a donation - his patronage far exceeded that of his predecessors. He ceded his rights to the areas that Fulco, Vice Count of Marseilles , wanted to give to the monastery in 1044, and in 1032 agreed to give land to the church as an allod . In 1032 he ceded the count's rights, which had been in the family since the times of his great-grandfather, to his vassals , thereby losing control of many castles and fortresses - Provence began to weaken as a unit during his reign. Even as Rudolf III. , the king of Burgundy and his liege lord, sold the last rights to some royal estates, the fiscus , he passed them on as allodial property.

Gottfried's successor in Provence was his son, Bertrand II . He also had a daughter: Gerberga .


  1. also Jauffred, Jozfred, Gosfred or Gausfred.


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Fulko Bertrand I. Count of Provence
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Bertrand II.
Wilhelm I. Earl of Arles
1032-1061 / 62