Greifswalder SC

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Greifswald Sport Club
Club data
founding January 3, 1926
Members 1300 (2003)
Club colors Red White
sports Football , table tennis ,
athletics , bowling , chess
Soccer department
Venue Volksstadion Greifswald (15,000 seats)
Trainer (selection) Eckhardt Ehrke, Lutz Hoffmann
Playing clothes home: red, outward white-red
Homepage Fanpage of Greifswalder SC
Nickname The red pants
People's Stadium

The Greifswalder SC was a sports club in the Hanseatic City of Greifswald .

History until 1945

Historical logo of the GSC

Greifswald football was born in 1911 when a football team was founded within the Greifswald gymnastics association. The new sport quickly became popular in the city and was very popular, and so football fans soon wanted to organize themselves. This happened on May 29, 1912 with the founding of the first Greifswald soccer club under the name Sportverein Greif Greifswald in 1912. The first great success for Greifswald soccer was first achieved by the soccer department of the gymnastics association. On the occasion of the inauguration of the Leipzig Monument to the Battle of the Nations in 1913, they won the German gymnast's soccer tournament. This success could not be further developed as a result of the First World War .

In 1923 the footballers of the Greifswalder Turnerbund set up their own business under the name VfB Greifswald, only to merge three years later on January 3, 1926 with SV Greif Greifswald to form the Greifswalder Sportclub von 1912 (GSC). For a long time, however, the GSC-er were in the shadow of the more successful SC Preußen Greifswald, but reached the same league as their rivals when they were promoted to the Western Pomerania League in 1927. It was reserved for the GSC to play the opening game for the newly built Greifswald football stadium, today's “Volksstadion”, against Sassnitzer SC on May 27, 1927 (2: 3). 1929 saw the GSC's first national success with winning the Vorpommern Cup with a 4-2 win over Concordia Stralsund.

The 1932/33 season was the most successful season before the Second World War . The GSC won the Western Pomerania League and thus reached the final round of the Pomeranian Championship, where it was enough for the runner-up against the strong Szczecin clubs. The outstanding Greifswald player at the time was the technically adept middle runner Herbert Endrussat, who came from Berlin. Unexpectedly, the GSC found itself in the top German football class in the 1933/34 season after it was classified in the Gauliga West Pomerania due to the reorganization of German football. By winning the Gauliga, Greifswalder SC could have played for the German championship. This success was not granted to the Greifswald footballers, however. In 1944, Greifswalder SC merged with HSV Fliegerabwehrschule Greifswald to form the KSG Greifswald war game group . When all clubs were dissolved by the Soviet occupation forces after the Second World War, Greifswalder SC went under. The good standard achieved in the 1930s was only achieved again twenty years later by the footballers from Einheit Greifswald .

Football statistics of Greifswalder SC 1926 to 1939

  • Season 1926/27 Verb.Liga Vorpommern Ia 5th place.
  • Season 1927/28 League class Vorpommern District III 2nd place.
  • Season 1928/29 League class Vorpommern-Rügen Season 2 3rd place.
  • Season 1929/30 League class Vorpommern-Rügen Season 1 2nd place.
  • Season 1930/31 League class Vorpommern-Rügen 4th place.
  • Season 1931/32 Verbandsliga Vorpommern-Rügen Staffel Süd 2nd place.
  • Season 1932/33 Verbandsliga Vorpommern-Rügen Season South 2nd place.
  • Season 1933/34 Gauliga Pommern West 6th place.
  • Season 1934/35 Gauliga Pommern West 5th place.
  • Season 1935/36 Gauliga Pommern West 2nd place.
  • Season 1936/37 Gauliga Pommern West 3rd place.
  • Season 1937/38 Gauliga Pommern place 7.
  • Season 1938/39 Gauliga Pommern 9th place.

Listed in 1938/39

  • Goal: Hamacher, Bölzke
  • Defense: Emil Liebenow, Powchrandt
  • Midfield: "Kieler" Holze, Höfer, Rischow, Persutti
  • Attack: Gerhard Schlünss, Herbert Endrussat, Görs, Weith, Müller, Skernewitz, Liess, Marten
  • Trainer: Herbert Endrussat

History 1990 to 2003

After the traditional sports clubs were re-established in the former GDR with German reunification, the traditional Greifswalder SC was re-established on June 21, 1990 and succeeded BSG KKW Greifswald . The home ground remained the Greifswalder Volksstadion, where in the mid-1990s, among other things, several second division teams were thrown out of the DFB Cup . Greifswalder SC produced some successful players, including the national player Toni Kroos , who left the club in 2002 when the GSC had to file for bankruptcy and suffer relegation to the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Association. After completing the bankruptcy proceedings, the association dissolved on June 30, 2003.

Football statistics from Greifswalder SC 1990 to 2003

  • Season 1991/92 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord 2nd place.
  • Season 1992/93 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord place 8.
  • Season 1993/94 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord place 9.
  • Season 1994/95 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord place 4.
  • Season 1995/96 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord place 4.
  • Season 1996/97 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord 3rd place.
  • Season 1997/98 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord 3rd place.
  • Season 1998/99 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord 6th place.
  • Season 1999/2000 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord 5th place.
  • Season 2000/01 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord place 13.
  • Season 2001/02 Amateur Oberliga Nordost-Nord 17th place.
  • Season 2002/03 Association League Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 8th place.

Due to the bankruptcy, the last competitive game of Greifswalder SC took place on May 31, 2003 against Blau-Weiß Polz ( 5: 2 ).

Soccer successes

  • Pomeranian Cup winner 1934
  • Vice-Gauling Champion Pomerania 1936
  • Third in the German amateur championship 1991/92

Personal career

  • 1926–1939 Greifswalder SC from 1912 eV
  • 1946–1948 SC Greifswald
  • 1949–1950 SG Greif Greifswald
  • 1950–1968 BSG unit Greifswald
  • 1968–1975 BSG KKW Nord Greifswald
  • 1975–1990 BSG Greifswald NPP
  • 1990–2003 Greifswalder SC (bankruptcy and end)