BSG Greifswald NPP

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Greifswald NPP
Logo of the BSG KKW Greifswald
Club data
founding 15th August 1968
Members 800 (1989)
Club colors Red White
sports Football, athletics, volleyball,
table tennis, bowling, chess
Soccer department
Division GDR League, Rostock District League
Venue Volksstadion Greifswald (15,000)
Trainer Sass, Werner, Kopp, Nieber,
Brusch, Schröder, Moschke
Playing clothes home: red, out: white-red
People's Stadium
People's Stadium

The Greifswald nuclear power plant company sports association , or KKW Greifswald for short, was a Greifswald sports association founded in 1968. Until mid-October 1975 it was called KKW Nord Greifswald.



The BSG KKW Greifswald emerged from the BSG unit Greifswald . The name "BSG Kernkraftwerk Nord", first introduced for the company sports association on August 15, 1968, referred to the start of construction of the largest nuclear power plant in the GDR , the Greifswald nuclear power plant in nearby Lubmin . As a result, the athletes received greater financial support and the image of the so-called “large construction site of DSF ” could also be promoted via the sports news. As a carrier operating initially VEB Kombinat acted power plant construction. After completion of the nuclear power plant, the VEB nuclear power plant "Bruno Leuschner" took over the sponsorship for the BSG, which then deleted the addition "North" from its name.

The soccer department BSG KKW Greifswald played almost without exception in the second-rate GDR league from 1968 to 1990 and helped determine the level there. The home of KKW was the Volksstadion in Greifswald, the club colors were red and white. At the end of the 1980s, the Kernkraftwerke Kombinat decided to establish its football division in the top division, the GDR Oberliga . A partnership with Hansa Rostock ensured playful potential. Extensive construction work in the Volksstadion was carried out to make it suitable for the upper league. The upheaval of 1989 came two years too early for the plans for a covered stadium. In 1990, under pressure from the neighboring states of Sweden and Denmark , the federal government decided to completely shut down the nuclear power plant. After the founding of sports clubs became possible again with the German reunification, the athletes of the BSG KKW founded the new club Greifswalder SC in 1990 , building on the traditional club of the pre-war period.


Selected teams

Line-up 1978/79: Goal: Harald Socher (14 games / 0 goals), Manfred Pohl (8/0), Detlef Last, Uwe Nerstheimer - Defense: Klaus-Dieter Feske (18/0), Wolfgang Feske (22/0) , Gerd Bekendorf (10/0), Harald Gellentin (20/0), Jürgen König (7/0), Günter Köpsel (11/1), Andreas Mähl (17/0) - midfield: Wolfgang Schröder (22/2) , Klaus-Dieter Uteß (9/1), Rainer Wollschläger (12/0) Hartmut Schmidt (4/0), Torsten Schmidt (7/2), Uwe Stolla (9/0), Karl-Heinz Liefländer (4/1 ), Dieter Wienhold - Sturm: Ulrich Seidel (19/5), Herbert Nekwapil (20/7), Wolfgang Schumann (22/7), Reinhard Retzlaff (14/2), Dieter Risch (4/0), Detlef Schulz ( 1/0)
(Trainer: Ferdinand Brusch )

Main eleven 1986/87:
Peter Rost (19 games / 0 goals) - Fred Krohn (33/3), Sven Krahmer (30/1), Norbert Töllner (33/0), Frank Wriedt (30/0) - Maik Ehlert ( 30/2), Andreas Mähl (23/1), Jörg Seering (34/17) - Holger Jung (34/5), Wolfgang Schumann (26/7), Peter Bartz (21/6)
(replacement: Thomas Meier ( 16/0) - Peter Bartz (21/0), Bernd Wischow (31/2), Frank Radloff (12/0), Andreas Zachhuber (8/0) Trainer: Harri Schröder)

Main eleven 1989/90:
Peter Rost (16 games / 0 goals) - Frank Wriedt (33/3), Andreas Priebe (31/3), Norbert Töllner (31/0), Rainer Bertram (26/0) - Sven Berkenhagen ( 29/2), Bernd Wunderlich (26/1), Ralf Humbold (29/6), Marcus Piehl (32/7) - Ralf Steinfurth (16/8), Peter Bartz (27/6) (replacement: Jörg Böhme ( later Hirdina 14/0), Thomas Meier (5/0) - Detlef Witte (17/5), Mayk Bullerjahn (8/0), Maik Strehlow (1/0) - Holger Jung (25/2), Ralf Kleiminger ( 22/0), Steffen Kriesen (6/0), Maik Ehlert (6/1), Maik Töllner (2/0) - Claude Kluth (13/1), Axel Fuchs (11/2), Mike Gerth (1 / 0) –- Trainer: Wolfgang Moschke 29 games, Andreas Krüger 5 games)

Earlier or later league players

Earlier or later Bundesliga players

Football statistics

season Division Final placement
1968/69 GDR League North Relay 13.
1969/70 GDR League North Relay 6th
1970/71 GDR League North Relay 10.
1971/72 GDR League Relay A 5.
1972/73 GDR League Relay A 6th
1973/74 GDR League Relay A 6th
1974/75 GDR League Relay A 2.
1975/76 GDR League Relay A 6th
1976/77 GDR League Relay A 6th
1977/78 GDR League Relay A 4th
1978/79 GDR League Relay A 9.
1979/80 GDR League Relay A 9.
1980/81 GDR League Relay A 12. (descent)
1981/82 District League Rostock 1. (ascent)
1982/83 GDR League Relay A 12. (descent)
1983/84 District League Rostock 1.
1984/85 District League Rostock 1. (ascent)
1985/86 GDR League Relay A 6th
1986/87 GDR League Relay A 9.
1987/88 GDR League Relay A 7th
1988/89 GDR League Relay A 12.
1989/90 GDR League Relay A 6th

Personal career up to 1990

  • Greifswalder SC 1926–1939
  • Greifswald unit 1946–1968
  • BSG NPP Greifswald 1968–1990