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Demonstration of the blacksmith's craft at the "Living History" weekend in the Roscheider Hof open-air museum

The blacksmith is traditionally the most widespread specialization of the blacksmith profession . He makes a variety of metal tools that are traditionally needed in agriculture and other crafts. The blacksmith's profession is one of the oldest professions.

Using his tools hammer , anvil , pliers and a heat source, usually fire , a plastic metalworking is carried out. By heating the iron-carbon alloy of crystals convert from a k Ubisch r aum z entrierten (bcc) in a k Ubisch f lächen z entriertes (fcc) lattice, so that it is easily malleable. Thus, the blacksmith is responsible for robust manufacturing and repair work through forming .

Examples of forged products:

In 1989 the job title blacksmith was replaced by the new title metal worker - specializing in metal design (Hw).