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The group Gegenstimmen (partly also called Gegenstimme ) was an opposition group in the GDR .

The group, which essentially existed in East Berlin and was made up of left-wing Christians and opposition Marxists , emerged from a group of sponsors for a human rights seminar that took place in the East Berlin parish of Friedrichsfelde in November 1985. The majority of the activists came from the Peace and Human Rights initiative and set themselves apart from it through their social revolutionary claim. Well-known members of the group included Thomas Klein , Reinhard Schult , Marion Seelig , Tina Krone and Vera Lengsfeld . The members were mostly also active in other oppositional contexts and tried to bring their socialist ideas into these. The group was one of the initiating forces of the activities taking place in East Berlin against the IMF summit in West Berlin in October 1988, which took place at the same time as the West Berlin protests and demonstrations. In the spring of 1989 there was a split; a minority around Reinhard Schult left the group to get more involved in the Church from Below initiative . In autumn 1989 the group broke up. Former members helped found the United Left , while others joined the Green Party or the New Forum .


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