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Reinhard Schult (2007)

Reinhard Schult (born September 23, 1951 in Berlin-Spandau ; † September 25, 2021 in or near Bernau near Berlin ) was a German civil rights activist and politician .


“As a child he was privy to his mother's escape plans, a nurse in Berlin-Kaulsdorf. The family's departure, which was planned for August 13, 1961, failed because of the barbed wire fence. ”He participated in the young community. Since Reinhard Schult had not received admission to the extended secondary school due to "lack of social activity", he chose to train as a construction worker with a high school diploma . He then studied Protestant theology at the Sprachenkonvikt Berlin for a few months .

Political-subversive engagement up to the 1989 revolution in the GDR

He refused to serve in the National People's Army and was a construction soldier in the command of the border troops from 1976 to 1978 . From 1978 he was involved in various opposition groups. 1979-80 he served basis "illegal distribution literature" of an eight-month prison sentence .

Stasi occupation in September 1990 Back, fifth from left: Reinhard Schult. Also: Bärbel Bohley and Ingrid Köppe

In a report from June 1, 1989, Reinhard Schult from the Ministry for State Security was counted among the "hard core" of his opponents:

“Around 600 people are assigned to the management bodies, while the so-called hard core a relatively small number of fanaticals, from so-called Consciousness of mission, personal thirst for validity and the desire for political profiling by driven, often unteachable enemies of socialism. Approx. 60 people can be assigned to this category, including pastors Rainer Eppelmann , Wolfram Tschiche and Christoph Wonneberger as well as Gerd and Ulrike Poppe , Bärbel Bohley and Werner Fischer ; the people Wolfgang Rüddenklau , Schult, Thomas Klein and Heiko Lietz . They are the main inspirers / organizers of underground political activity and, with their connections at home, to western countries and to anti-socialist forces in other socialist states, determine the specific content of the hostile activities of personal associations and their supraregional radius of action. "

- Ministry of State Security

Reinhard Schult was involved in the GDR resistance movement in the 1980s, among others in the Friedrichsfelde Peace Circle , in the group Gegenstimmen and the Church from Below . He was one of those who decidedly refused to cooperate with subversive groups with the emigration movement, but who nevertheless worked towards a revolutionary transformation of the GDR. “In the autumn of 1986 the illegal pirate channel Schwarzer Kanal began to broadcast its program, the idea came from Reinhard Schult. Together with a group of dissidents, he wrote texts critical of the system that were broadcast from the attic of a house near the border in West Berlin. A year later he helped to organize the church convention from below and was one of the initiators of the church from below . "

In 1989 he was a founding member of the citizens' movement Neues Forum . He represented this citizens' movement at the central round table . In the January 15, 1990 Schult called with the new forum for a demonstration in front of the Stasi headquarters , which resulted in a cast and continued work of the secret police under tied under a new name. From March to October 1990 he was department head in the State Committee for the Dissolution of the Ministry of State Security .

In September 1990 he occupied the former Stasi headquarters again with other civil rights activists such as Bärbel Bohley , Wolf Biermann and Katja Havemann ; this time to ensure that the Stasi files are not locked, but should in future serve the personal and social reappraisal and research of the SED dictatorship. This intention was achieved with the appointment of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records .

Work since the unification of Germany

After reunification he was a member of the New Forum / Citizens Movement group in the Berlin House of Representatives from 1991 to 1995 . In November 1990, Schult was involved in attempts to mediate between the occupiers and the Senate when the Mainzer Strasse was cleared in Berlin-Friedrichshain . He worked on the board of the citizens' committee “15. January “e. V. , which published the review magazine Horch und Guck .

In the years of the Schröder government he was involved with the New Forum in the protests against the " Agenda 2010 " and the Hartz laws .

Until his retirement, Reinhard Schult worked for the state commissioner to deal with the consequences of the communist dictatorship in Brandenburg and advised victims of the SED dictatorship on rehabilitation issues .

From 1995 he lived in Fredersdorf in the Brandenburg Uckermark , a few years later he moved to the vicinity of Bernau. He was a member of the federal board of the New Forum . Schult died in September 2021, two days after his 70th birthday, after a long and serious illness.



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