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Arno Luik (* 1955 ) is a German journalist and author. Today he lives in Hamburg .


Luik studied American studies and sports at the University of Tübingen and Bangor University (Wales) as well as politics at Amherst College in the US state of Massachusetts. He was a reporter for Tempo and the Wochenpost , an author for Geo and the Tagesspiegel . In 1995/96 he was editor-in-chief of taz , then vice-president of the evening newspaper , and since 2000 he has been the author of Stern magazine .

Luik became known for his intensive type of interview ; His conversation with the young Boris Becker caused a sensation , who surprised him in 1989 with the admission that the squatters on Hafenstrasse in Hamburg were “more sympathetic to him than some people around me”. Conversations (including with Angela Merkel , Martin Walser , Inge and Walter Jens , Otto Graf Lambsdorff , Joschka Fischer , Reinhold Messner , Wendelin Wiedeking , Oskar Lafontaine ) by “Germany's leading interviewer” ( taz ) have been translated into more than two dozen languages. In 2008, Luik was named cultural journalist of the year by Medium Magazin .

Reporting on Stuttgart 21

For his reporting on Stuttgart 21 , Luik received the “Lighthouse for Special Journalistic Achievements” from the Research Network in November 2010 . When the Stern author first wrote about the controversial construction and railway project in July 2010, Stuttgart 21 was “at best a topic of regional importance”, according to the laudation. That changed in the following months when Luik made public files of the controversial large-scale project that were kept secret in a six-part series: "Luik was the first to present demonstrable arguments against the billion-dollar project." With his work, the laudatory speech continues , "He provided the basic information with which an honest and decent analysis of the meaningfulness of the project was possible in the first place."

Deutsche Bahn repeatedly contradicted Luik's account of the project. A critic considers Luik's representations to be exaggerated and unjustified and has written a book about them. At the public hearing of the German Bundestag "Clarify open questions about the Stuttgart 21 station project" (BT-Drucksache 18/3647) on May 6, 2015, Luik was invited as an expert.


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