Guillaume Juvénal des Ursins

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Portrait of Guillaume Juvénals des Ursins by Jean Fouquet , 1460/65

Guillaume Juvénal des Ursins (born March 15, 1400 in Paris , † June 23, 1472 ) was Chancellor of France under Charles VII and Louis XI. .


Guillaume was the fifth son of Jean Jouvenel and Michelle de Vitry. He carried the titles of Baron von Traynel, Viscount of Troyes and Seigneur of Marigny. In 1423 he married Geneviève Heron, daughter of Macé Herons, a maître des comptes . On June 6 of the same year Charles VII appointed him Conseiller in the Parliament of Poitiers .

Knighted on July 17, 1429, he served as Deputy Governor of the Dauphiné from 1435 to 1440 and also as Vogt (French: bailli ) of the County of Sens from 1437 to 1445 .

Until 1445 he served in the army during the Hundred Years' War and was responsible for the financing of the war, before Charles VII appointed him Chancellor of France that year. In this capacity he led the trial against Johann II Duke of Alençon in 1458 because of his participation in the Praguerie .

King Louis XI. dismissed him on July 22, 1461, but reappointed him on November 9, 1465 as Chancellor. From 1468 to 1470 he was a commissioner in the trial against Cardinal Jean de La Balue .


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