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Guy Mouminoux ( Paris , January 13, 1927January 11, 2022 ) was a French comic artist and author . He also published under the pseudonyms "Guy Sajer" and "Dimitri".


The son of a German mother - whose maiden name Sajer he later chose as one of his author names - and a French father, Mouminoux grew up in Alsace . As a child he was an avid reader of comics such as The Katzenjammer Kids by Harold Knerr and Popeye . After Alsace was occupied by German troops in 1940 and placed under German civil administration , he was deployed as a conscript in July 1942, as Malgré-Nous , in a Wehrmacht supply unit on the Eastern Front . In May 1943 he was transferred to the Greater Germany Division.

About the period from 1942 to 1945 in this division he published in 1967 under the pseudonym Guy Sajer (his mother's maiden name) the autobiographical book "Le soldat oublié" ("The forgotten soldier"), of which, translated into twenty languages, about three million copies are sold. The book was controversial in the English-speaking world (there it was published under the name "The Forgotten Soldier"). However, it is not a heroic epic, but rather a warning to all who see war as an adventure. In 1968 he was awarded the Prix ​​des Deux Magots for this. The work was published in Germany in 1969 under the title " Because of these days agony was great " - a quote from Friedrich Schiller 's " Wallenstein's Death ", which wants to express that a time of tormenting uncertainty or great mental and physical tension lies behind you. In full, the quote reads: "I am thinking of taking a long sleep,/For the torment of these last days was great,/See that they do not wake me too soon". In 2016, the book was re-translated from French under the title "The Forgotten Soldier".

From 1946 Mouminoux drew comics for French children's and youth magazines. In 1959 he created the adventure series Blason d'Argent, which was published by Cœurs Vaillants (later Formule 1), a Catholic youth magazine. In 1964 he joined Pilote and from 1966 to 1970 he created "Goutatou et Dorachaux", his first major humorous series. In 1970 he created "Prémolaire" for Formule 1 and "Rififi" for Tintin , two other humorous series.

From 1975 he published under the name Dimitri Lahache, later shortened to Dimitri, other comics that are mainly aimed at an adult audience. In the late 1970s and 1980s, the artist also worked for the magazines Charlie Hebdo and Hara-Kiri .

His comics repeatedly dealt with the Second World War. Only a few of his works have been published in Germany.

Works (selection)

Book (under the name "Guy Sajer"):

Comics (under the names "Dimitri"):

  • Bonaparte CCCP 1 – Terminus Gulag ( comicplus+ , 1990)
  • Bonaparte CCCP 2 - The Ass of the World (comicplus, 1990)
  • On Enemy Flight 1 ( Splitter Verlag , 1991)
  • Under the Tsar's Flag ( Kult Editions , 1995)

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