Hello Uncle Doc!

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Television series
Original title Hello Uncle Doc!
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1994-2000
length 45 minutes
Episodes 81 in 6 seasons
genre Doctor series
First broadcast July 10, 1994 on Sat.1

Hello Uncle Doc! is a German hospital series . It was produced by Sat.1 from 1994 to 2000 and broadcast for the first time.


Pediatric surgeon Markus Kampmann is returning to his home in Heidelberg after a patient dies during an operation in the USA . Although Markus was initially determined never to work as a surgeon again, Prof. Hermann Lüders, his father Albert's best friend, was able to win him over to the position of chief physician at his children's clinic.

In his work as chief physician, Markus now has to deal with the most difficult medical cases, but most of them he can solve. He quickly wins the trust of his patients, which benefits his work. Markus also experiences some turbulence in his private life.

At the beginning of season 6, the concept of the series was changed drastically. The new location was the Geldorf Clinic in Düsseldorf , the cast was almost completely replaced. As a connection only Heike Jonca remained in her role as sister Hilde. After the 6th season, the series was discontinued.


Dr. After a stay in the USA, Markus Kampmann becomes head physician at Prof. Lüders Children's Clinic. He is a highly qualified pediatric surgeon who can quickly establish a good rapport with his patients. Markus has a number of relationships over the course of the series, the closest with Dr. Corinna Halver. One day he learns that he has a daughter named Manuela. Finally, Markus finally quits as a pediatric surgeon and returns to the USA. Actor: Ulrich Reinthaller .

Dr. Corinna Halver is a child psychologist at the Lüders Clinic. After an intrigue by Mareike Ritter, she worked for a short time in the Mosbach children's home, but soon returned. Markus and Corinna quickly discover their feelings for each other and come together. Shortly after Corinna learns that she is pregnant, she dies in a tragic car accident. Actress: Svenja Pages .

Jean-Paul Benoit is a French boy who lost his parents in a car accident and needs long treatment after a complicated broken leg. He quickly developed a special friendship with Markus. Jean-Paul likes the Lüders Clinic so much that he doesn't want to leave it anymore. One day, however, Jean-Paul is picked up by his uncle and moves to Canada with him. Actor: Andreas Schmid .

Prof. Hermann Lüders is the head of the Prof. Lüders Children's Clinic. The well-being of his clinic is very important to him. Prof. Lüders hired Markus as chief physician instead of his son. He later retires and marries head nurse Horn, whom he affectionately calls "Hörnchen". Actor: Ulrich Matschoss .

Dr. Gregor Lüders is the son of Prof. Hermann Lüders and a doctor at his clinic. Gregor strove for the post of chief physician, but Markus Kampmann got it. After initially great tension, his relationship with Markus improved significantly later. Gregor was with Mareike Ritter, the head of administration. During an aid mission in Namibia , Gregor dies after a snake bite. Actor: Ralf Lindermann .

Other actors

actor role consequences Remarks
Ramin Yazdani Dr. Fazal Bahrami 1-14 Anesthetist , best friend of Dr. Kampmann
Walter Schultheiss Albert Kampmann 1-75 Markus' father and best friend of Prof. Hermann Lüders
Heike Schroetter Mareike Ritter 1-75 Head of administration, friend of Dr. Gregor Lüders
Eva Maria Bauer Head nurse Gertrud Horn 1-75 first head nurse, later wife of Prof. Hermann Lüders
Joost Siedhoff Georg "Schorsch" Zehringer 1-64 facility manager
Thure Riefenstein Stefan Koehler 1-13 Head of the Mosbach children's home
Thomas Naumann Dr. Brock 1-23 Assistant doctor at the Lüders Clinic
Heike Jonca Sister Hilde 1-81 Employee in the Lüders Clinic
Ann-Kathrin Kramer Surgical nurse Anna 1-14 Employee in the Lüders Clinic
Astrid M. Fünderich Sister Ina 15-74 Employee in the Lüders Clinic
Maria Furtwängler Dr. Charlotte White 32-81 Employee in the Lüders Clinic
Marlene Marlow Sister Sonja 56-66

Employee in the Lüders Clinic

Andreas Maria Schwaiger Dr. Christian Knight 74-81 Senior physician at the Geldorf Clinic
Michele Oliveri Prof. Beckmann 74-80
Elisabeth Wiedemann Marlene Geldorf 66-81


In 1995 Ulrich Reinthaller received for his role as Dr. Markus Kampmann the Bambi ( Readers' Choice - Medical Series ).

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