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Hans Glinz (born December 1, 1913 in Rheinfelden , Switzerland ; † October 23, 2008 in Wädenswil , Canton of Zurich ) was a Swiss linguist and Germanist .


Hans Glinz, son of Gustav Adolf Glinz , taught - after doctorate (1946) and habilitation (1949) in Zurich - as professor at the Pedagogical Academy in Kettwig (1957–1965) and as professor of German philology until his retirement at the Philosophical Faculty from RWTH Aachen University (1965–1978). For many years he was a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for German Language (IdS) in Mannheim (1965–1978 and 1984–1997) and President of the Commission for the Reform of Spelling (1970–1978). Important areas of work were language theory, methodology of language and text analysis and language didactics .

His thoughts were instrumental role in an independent grammar of the German language in contrast to the traditional, based on the Latin grammar school grammar to develop.

In his late work, Glinz examined and compared the grammars of the languages ​​that are taught most in German-speaking schools ( Latin - German - French - English ).

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