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Hans Hartl (born June 20, 1945 in Wöhr ) is a German politician (formerly SPD ).


Hartl attended elementary school in Markt Indersdorf and the Camerloher high school in Freising , where he also graduated from high school. He studied law, politics and history at the universities of Munich , Cologne , Bonn , Berlin , Innsbruck and Salzburg . In 1970 he passed the first state examination in law, followed by a doctorate in 1972 and the second state examination in 1973. He then worked as a freelance lawyer in his hometown of Dachau and was also involved in the 1990s as a property developer, brewery owner and patron of the arts.

Political career

Hartl was briefly a member of the CSU in the mid-1970s and founded the “Christian Citizens Union” as a local community voter initiative after leaving in 1977. With her he achieved a seat on the city council in Dachau in 1978. In the summer of 1980 he became a member of the SPD. After considerable success in recruiting new members, he was nominated chairman of the SPD sub-district Dachau and finally as a candidate for the state parliament in the district of Dachau and on the SPD list in the constituency of Upper Bavaria . After a successful election campaign, which was controversial within the party, he entered the Bavarian state parliament in 1986 . In the state elections in 1990 he repeated his campaign technique and was subsequently expelled from the SPD and on December 31, 1991 also from the SPD parliamentary group, so that he was a non-attached member of parliament until 1994.

Controversial election campaigns within the party

Hartl used a special feature of the Bavarian electoral law in his Landtag candidacies in 1986 and 1990 . In contrast to closed list voting systems, in which the list ranking specified by a party cannot be changed by the voter, the second vote is also given in a personalized manner in Bavaria : Each candidate in a constituency list can be elected individually. In terms of voting, he also competes with the other applicants on his own list, as the mandates allocated to the party are awarded in the order of the personally obtained number of votes.

In order to regulate this internal competitive situation, the Landtag candidates were prohibited by party-internal rules from soliciting votes outside of their own constituency or individual second- vote agreements (“poaching of votes”). Hartl defied this restriction and wrote to a large number of households in the entire administrative district by mail . This campaign, the cost of which was estimated at around one million marks in 1986, was highly successful, but led to calls for exclusion from the party at the first election . After he had again carried out a mailing campaign in the run-up to the state election in 1990 - now including a competition for a "dream trip" - and moved back into the state parliament, the exclusion from the party was operated and carried out right up to the decision of the SPD Federal Arbitration Commission. In March 1994 it was confirmed as legal by the Federal Court of Justice.

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