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Hans Hertel (born January 22, 1939 in Frederiksberg ) is a Danish literary historian , literary critic and university professor who received the Georg Brandes Prize in 1985 and the Søren Gyldendal Prize in 1996 .


After attending school, Hertel studied history of literature and comparative literature at the University of Copenhagen and graduated with a master's degree in 1966 . While still a student, he was the editor of the anthology Det lyse rum in 1960 , to which in 1967 a two-volume collection of essays entitled Tilbageblik på 30'erne. Literature, theater , and cultural debate 1930-39 followed. In the following years he wrote numerous articles for Danish and international magazines , anthologies and collected works and was also editor of the book series Værkserien from 1969 to 1977 . At the same time he was editor of Moderne Verdenslitteratur between 1970 and 1973 and of Litteratur og samfund from 1972 to 1979 .

In 1980 Hertel accepted a professorship for Scandinavian literature at the University of Copenhagen and taught there until his retirement in 2009. In addition to his teaching activities, between 1985 and 1995 he was also editor and publisher of the first and second editions of the seven-volume textbook series Verdens litteraturhistorie , published in Danish , Norwegian and Swedish languages , and for which he was honored with the Georg Brandes Prize in 1985. Hertel, who also received the Søren Gyldendal Prize in 1996, has not only worked for the daily Politiken since 1988 , but also the editor and publisher of the Kaptajn Nemos Bibliotek book series between 1999 and 2001 .

In addition, he not only published anthologies of new Danish literature, but also translated works by F. Scott Fitzgerald , Nathanael West and Mary McCarthy . He has also published literary-critical and commented text editions by Elsa Gress , Frederik J. Billeskov Jansen , Mogens Knudsen , Sven Møller Kristensen , Tage Skou-Hansen , Henrik Stangerup and Erik Aalbæk Jensen .

more publishments

  • Omkring fantastic stars . 1969
  • The litterære system in Denmark . 1972
  • The politiske Georg Brandes (co-author Sven Møller Kristensen ). 1973
  • Kønsroller i literatures . 1975
  • Romanteori og romananalyse (co-authors Merete Gerlach-Nielsen and Morten Nøjgaard). 1977
  • Se på literature! En billedbog om det litterære liv fra Homer til Sartre . 1982
  • The daglige turned. Bøger, formidlere and læsere in Denmark called 500 years . 1983
  • Bogens Fremdtid er ikke hvad den har været (co-author Kurt Fromberg). 1988
  • Bo Bojesen's Danmark History 1943-94 . 1994
  • Bow i mediesymbiosens tid . 1996
  • Karen Blixen superstar. Glimt af det litterære liv i mediealderen . 1996
  • Bo Bojesen and the store verden 1945-96 . 1996
  • Litteraturens vaneforbrydere. Critics, forlæggere and lystlæsere - det litterære live in Denmark for 200 years . 1999
  • Before tids Reitzel. En pionerforlægger og hans samtid 1949-99 . 1999
  • Verden ifølge Bo Bojesen 1943-99 . 1999
  • The cultural radical udfordring . 2002
  • Det steady modern gennembrud. Georg Brandes and Hans tid set from the 21st århundrede . 2004

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