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Hans Wilhelm Alt (* 1945 in Hilden ) is a German mathematician who deals with partial differential equations and their applications.

Hans Wilhelm Alt, Oberwolfach 2010

Alt did his Abitur in 1965 at the renowned Helmholtz Grammar School in Hilden . In 1971 he received his doctorate from the Georg-August University of Göttingen under Erhard Heinz ( branching points of H-surfaces ). He is a professor at the Institute for Applied Mathematics at the University of Bonn . In 2010 he retired and in 2011 he became honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich .

Alt dealt in particular with free boundary value problems in elliptical and parabolic partial differential equations with applications in mechanics and thermodynamics , for example the jet problem (where the liquid-air phase boundary results in a free boundary value problem) or the spread of gases in porous media. Most recently he has dealt with the mathematical theory of phase transitions .

He is the author of a textbook on functional analysis , which has also been translated into English.

His doctoral students include Harald Garcke (University of Regensburg) and Barbara Niethammer (University of Bonn). His brother is the biomathematist Wolfgang Alt .

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