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Hartmut Wostupatsch at a neo-Nazi demonstration

Hartmut Wostupatsch (born January 13, 1961 ) from Würzburg is a well-known neo-Nazi who appears nationwide as a speaker at right-wing extremist rallies of the free comradeship scene . In the 2002 report on the protection of the constitution, he is counted among the leading protagonists of the neo-Nazi scene.

Start of its activities

Wostupatsch attended the Roentgen Gymnasium in Würzburg from June 1972 and had already been active in Würzburg in the late 1970s for the newspaper direct hit for a national democratic school community. A little later he became a cadre of the “ Action Front Nationaler Socialists / National Activists ” (ANS / NA) around Michael Kühnen and Christian Worch and worked there in the “Office for National Socialist Lifestyles and Training” until the ban in 1983. He was also a member of the Young National Democrats , but was excluded here because of “radicalism”. He then withdrew from the scene for several years, which was later explained with a "temporary abstinence for professional reasons".

Public appearance

Hartmut Wostupatsch (left, in a leather coat) at a neo-Nazi rally on March 6, 2003 in Schwäbisch Hall against the Wehrmacht exhibition .

Around the year 2000 he became active again in the neo-Nazi scene. On June 23, 2001 he acted for the first time publicly as a speaker at a rally in Siegburg . Since that time he has appeared regularly at right-wing extremist events, particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia and East Germany, as a speaker on a wide variety of topics. B. in February and March 2002 in Bielefeld at a neo-Nazi demonstration against the exhibition about the crimes of the Wehrmacht, in September in Iserlohn together with NPD boss Udo Voigt or at the “4. Strategy Congress of the Revolutionary Platform in the NPD “(RPF) on 21./22. July 2001 in Mosbach (Thuringia) together with Steffen Hupka , Thomas Wulff and Jürgen Schwab . Wostupatsch can often be seen at the side of Christian Worch.

In July 2001 he appeared in Gevelsberg at a rally under the motto “ Death penalty for child molesters ”, where he was arrested on suspicion of denigrating the Federal President, defamation and defamation. He had described Daniel Cohn-Bendit as a “racial comrade” of Joschka Fischer , to whom he evidently wanted to attribute a membership of Judaism with the first name Josele , found words of regret for the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels , “who used this name with him [Fischer] May share ", and said that Richard von Weizsäcker would have been found" in better times, that is, in times when Germany was still right, in 1945 with a rope around his neck on the next tree. "He also defamed Weizsäcker as a" deserter and coward. " “And accused him of aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of children and the sexual harassment of minors.

Contacts to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Vostupatsch is highly controversial in the neo-Nazi scene because of its contacts with state security . Neo-Nazi groups from Franconia such as the “Franconian Action Front” (FAF) published a declaration in October 2002, according to which they “stop contact with Hartmut Wostupatsch with immediate effect, will no longer invite him to events or visit demonstrations that have already occurred in advance it is clear that Vostupatsch will speak there ”. He was accused of representing a “security risk” and of having arranged a conversation between him, Würzburg's Uwe Meenen from the “ Deutsche Kolleg ” and a state security officer, while divulging “internal organizational issues of free structures”. Neo-Nazis of a "VS research group for Central Germany" from the spectrum of "Die Kommenden" said that he " often met his local state security officer from Würzburg privately for tea and cake, and internal organizational issues from national contexts were also divulged. " The NPD thereupon forbade " Hartmut Wostupatsch from Würzburg from appearing at NPD events of all kinds in the future. " In a later published letter to a Würzburg comradeship cadre, he admitted that he had known about the meetings between Wostupatsch and the state security officials months before they became generally known. He also deliberately did not prevent these contacts and let him go. This also brought accusations against Worch of " deliberately accepting the criminalization and endangerment of the active people on site " and heightened tensions between him and circles close to the NPD.

At the beginning of 2005, the internal disputes in the neo-Nazi scene seemed to have largely been resolved, and Worch and Wostupatsch reappeared at NPD events without the executive committee having formally revoked its delimitation decision.

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