House Kilver

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House Kilver
North elevation

North elevation

Creation time : First mentioned around 800, 851
Castle type : originally a moated castle
Conservation status: partly preserved in its original condition
Place: Bruchmühlen , Gem. Rödinghausen
Geographical location 52 ° 14 '0.2 "  N , 8 ° 28' 1.8"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 14 '0.2 "  N , 8 ° 28' 1.8"  E
Height: 100  m above sea level NN
House Kilver (North Rhine-Westphalia)
House Kilver
Map with House Kilver ( Kelveri ) in the Duchy of Saxony around 1000 ( OWL region brightened)

The house Kilver is a first time 851 occupied writing manor in Rödinghausen ( Nordrhein-Westfalen ). The manor is the namesake for the places Ostkilver and Westkilver .


The Kilver house is only partially preserved in its original state and has probably been rebuilt or expanded several times. Accordingly, it no longer has a homogeneous architectural design. Kilver House was originally a moated castle ; a moat is only preserved on the north side. In addition to the residential building, the inner courtyard is formed by several farm buildings on the north and east sides that serve the agricultural business. Some of these are designed as typical Westphalian half-timbered courtyards. One building has a clock tower in the inner courtyard.


In the Saxon Wars (772 to 804), the Franks under Charlemagne subjugated the Engern under their Duke Widukind . The Franks sat in the conquered territories Gaugrafen one that for them the territory of their royal courts managed off. One of these royal courts was the Rödinghauser Haus Kilver (then called Villa Kilveri), which was first mentioned in a document in 851 a few decades after its presumed origin and is therefore the oldest recorded settlement core in Rödinghausen. In this document, Ludwig the German gave the Kilver house to the women's monastery founded in Herford around 822 under Ludwig the Pious .

Owners since the 14th century were the Vinckes , who also owned Gut Böckel from 1771 to 1820 and initially also Gut Waghorst . In 1818 August Friedrich Höpker, a merchant from Lübbecke, bought the house from the bankrupt Vincke family; since then the estate has belonged to the Höpker family. Today, Gut Kilver, with its 70 hectares of agricultural land, most of which is leased, is one of the largest farms in Rödinghausen , along with Gut Böckel .



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