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Heinrich August Schoeller (born December 14, 1788 in Düren , † May 26, 1863 in Krauthausen near Düren ) was a German paper manufacturer .

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Heinrich Schoeller was the son of the Düren cloth and paper manufacturer Heinrich Wilhelm Schoeller (1745-1827) and Sarah Elisabeth Coenen (1753-1831). After training as a paper manufacturer in 1815, he was married to the Duisburg-born paper manufacturer Peter Alexander Carstanjen (1791-1845), together with his brother Jakob Ludwig (1791–1866) and sister Sara Gertrud (1790–1855), who from His father ran a paper factory in Krauthausen and founded it in 1784 as a preferred heir, which, along with the inherited Schevenmühle and Kaysermühle, was part of the overall Schoellershammer complex . The siblings then initially called their paper mill Gebr. Schoeller & Carstanjen, but a few months later, after Jakob Ludwig left the company in 1818, Heinrich August renamed it Schoeller & Carstanjen . After both Sarah and Jakob Ludwig, who wanted to turn to new markets in the Hungarian Kremnica and Neczpall, had sold their remaining shares to Heinrich August in 1824, Heinrich August had them registered under his sole name.

In the decades that followed, Heinrich August Schoeller and his company achieved an impressive economic boom in the market for high-quality hand-made fine papers. By 1820 he was already employing almost 100 workers and operating six bucket troughs . In 1841 he purchased the first Bryan Donkin continuous paper machine , and in 1847 and 1851 the first steam engines. With a further investment in an English roll gluing machine in 1854, he was now able to produce fine paper of the highest quality, which was awarded the 1st class medal at the Paris World Exhibition in 1855 . One year before his death, Heinrich August succeeded again in achieving the highest recognition with his productions at the London World Exhibition in 1862 .

His descendants continued the family tradition and ensured that the father's paper factory Schoellershammer continues today as an independent company Heinrich August Schoeller Söhne GmbH & Co KG for fine papers, artist papers, transparent papers and corrugated cardboard base papers with worldwide distribution.


Heinrich August Schoeller was married to Anna Catharina Lynen (1799–1872), daughter of the copper master Matthias V. Leonhard Lynen from Stolberg, and had five sons with her. Of these, Julius Adolf Schoeller (1820–1876), married to Mathilde Castanjen (* 1825) as well as his brother Benno Vitus (1828–1908), married to Lucia Castanjen (1833–1861) and, after her death, to Marie Luise Peill (1837–1910), co-owner of his father's business. Both sons were also founders and operators of Neumühle , which has been part of the Kanzan Spezialpapiere company as a subsidiary since 1991 .

A third son of Heinrich August, Kommerzienrat Felix Heinrich Schoeller (1821-1893), married to Maria Schüll (1824-1895), first founded his own paper mill in Düren and played a key role in the creation of the Dürener Eisenbahn AG. He then took over other paper and cellulose factories in Neu Kaliss in Mecklenburg , later in Gernsbach in the Grand Duchy of Baden and finally in Offingen an der Donau in the Kingdom of Württemberg .

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