Henry III. (Lions)

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Henry III. von Löwen (* around 1060; † February or March 1095 in Tournai ) was Count of Löwen and Brussels from 1078 to 1095. He comes from the house of the so-called Reginare .

He was the son of Henry II of Leuven , Count of Leuven and Brussels, and Countess Adela, whose ancestry is unknown. After the death of Count Palatine Hermann II of Lorraine († 1085), he received the Landgraviate of Brabant as an imperial fief from Emperor Heinrich IV . On the occasion of the consecration of Affligem Abbey (1086), Heinrich III. the abbey a property near Asse .

Heinrich was married to Gertrude of Flanders (1080–1117), the daughter of Robert I of Flanders and Gertrude of Saxony. They are assigned four daughters.

In February or March 1095, Heinrich made a muster of the knights of the castellans of Tournai . As the chronicles report, he challenged the knight Goswin de Forest to a showdown in a grand manner. In the tournament that followed, Count Heinrich was fatally wounded. His brother Gottfried the Bearded succeeded him in his offices, and his widow married Duke Dietrich II of Lorraine in 1096 .

Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Henry II Count of Leuven and Brussels
Gottfried I. the bearded
Hermann II of Lorraine Landgrave of Brabant
1085 / 86-1095
Gottfried I. the bearded