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The Reginare were a family of the Central European nobility who played a prominent role since the beginning of the 10th century, especially in what is now Belgium ( Hainaut , Leuven , Lorraine , Brabant and Limburg ). After the elimination of the older line ruling the duchies of Brabant and Limburg in 1355, their inheritance fell to the House of Luxembourg and from there in 1383 to the House of Burgundy . A younger line of the Reginare ruled from 1263 to 1918 as Haus Hessen and still exists in the male line to this day.


The rise of the family began with a kidnapping: Giselbert , Count in Maasgau , brought a daughter of the Carolingian Emperor Lothar I into his power in 846 and married her. The marriage was recognized in 849, the descendants have Charlemagne as ancestors and thus - despite the previous crime - belonged to the uppermost stratum of the European nobility.

The family provided three dukes of Lower Lorraine , the Counts of Hainaut and Leuven , the Landgraves of Brabant, later Dukes of Brabant (who were also Dukes of Lower Lorraine ), and from 1247 with the House of Hesse the Landgraves of Hesse , who later became Electors of Hesse and Grand Dukes of Hesse . The rule of the Reginare ended with the deposition of the last Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig in November 1918.

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First reginars


Lower Lorraine


Coat of arms of Hainaut

Hainaut passes to the Counts of Flanders.


Lion Country


Brabant coat of arms


Coat of arms of the House of Hesse (of the Brabant tribe), adopted by the Ludowingers

Heinrich II of Brabant married Sophie of Thuringia , daughter of Ludwig IV., The saint , Landgrave of Thuringia from the house of the Ludowingers , and the saint Elisabeth . After the Ludowinger family died out with Heinrich Raspe in 1247 and the subsequent War of the Thuringian-Hessian Succession (1247-1264), the eastern part of the family property (today's Thuringia) went to the Wettins , the western part (Hesse) to Sophie and her descendants until 1918 ruling House of Hesse .

  • Heinrich I of Hesse , son of Heinrich II of Brabant and Sophies of Thuringia, † 1308, Landgrave of Hesse