Gottfried II. (Lions)

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Jan van Boendale: Wedding of Gottfried II and Luitgard von Sulzbach

Gottfried II. (* Around 1110; † June 13, 1142 ) was Count of Leuven and Landgrave of Brabant since January 23, 1139. He was the son of Gottfried I of Leuven and Ida of Chiny. He was appointed in 1139 - by appointment after the death of Walram III. von Limburg - as Gottfried VII. also Duke of Lower Lorraine and thereby Margrave of Antwerp .

Gottfried and his father had already had the title of duke since 1136, as evidenced by the Roman-German King Konrad III. , who was married to a sister of Gottfried's wife, was confirmed. Walram left a son, Heinrich II of Limburg , who maintained his father's ducal rights. A war broke out between Gottfried and Heinrich, in which Heinrich was quickly and decisively defeated. Gottfried himself died two years later of liver disease. He was buried in Sint Pieter in Leuven .

He married Luitgard, daughter of Count Berengar I von Sulzbach , sister of Gertrud von Sulzbach , wife of Conrad III, and Bertha von Sulzbach , wife of Emperor Manuel I of Byzantium . His successor was his son Gottfried III. .


predecessor Office successor
Gottfried I. Count of Leuven
Landgrave of Brabant
Gottfried III./VIII.
Walram Duke of Lower Lorraine
Margrave of Antwerp
Gottfried III./VIII.