Gottfried VI. (Lower Lorraine)

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Gottfried the Bearded, copper engraving around 1600

Gottfried VI. (called Gottfried the Bearded ) (* around 1063 ; † January 25, 1139 ) was Count von Löwen (in this capacity Count Gottfried I), Count of Brussels , Landgrave of Brabant , Margrave of Antwerp and Duke of Lower Lorraine .


He was the second-born son of Heinrich II von Löwen and his wife Adelheid. After the death of his older brother Heinrich III. von Leuven in 1095 he was made Count of Leuven-Brussels and Landgrave of Brabant. In 1106 he was also awarded the titles of Duke of Lower Lorraine and Margrave of Antwerp, but in 1128 he must have these offices at Walram III. from Limburg . Nevertheless, he was still allowed to call himself Duke of Lorraine. 1129 turned Gottfried VI. to the abbot of the Premonstratensian Abbey of St. Martin in Laon , France , with the request that an abbey be established near Leuven. For this purpose he donated a park and a hunting lodge, from which the Park Abbey emerged in the following years .

Gottfried VI. married Ida von Chiny († 1117/25) around 1105, the daughter of Count Otto II ( House of Chiny ). With her he had at least five children:

After the death of his first wife, he married Clementia, daughter of Wilhelm I of Burgundy , widow of Robert II of Flanders . The marriage remained childless.

He also had an illegitimate son:

  • Joscelin von Löwen, ⚭ Agnes de Percy ( House Percy )

He died on January 25, 1139 and was buried in the Affligem Benedictine abbey . His successor was Gottfried II von Löwen , a son from his first marriage.


predecessor Office successor
Henry III. Landgrave of Brabant,
Count of Leuven and Brussels

Gottfried II.
Heinrich I. Duke of Lower Lorraine