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Heinrich Kieber (born March 30, 1965 , also called Henry ) is a former employee of the Liechtenstein LGT Treuhand AG and probably an informant for the Federal Intelligence Service . He lived in Mauren (Liechtenstein) until 2002 .

Liechtenstein tax affair

He gained worldwide fame when he was identified in the international media in February 2008 as the hitherto unknown informant of the Federal Intelligence Service, who sold several DVDs with the customer data of alleged tax evaders for around 4.6 million euros and thus played a key role in uncovering the sensational Liechtenstein tax affair contributed. He had been given access to the data when the LGT Treuhand commissioned him to digitize its paper archive.

However, this identification is not conclusively secured. The Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported, citing internals from the Intelligence Committee in the German Parliament , there must be another source because Kieber in 2002 after a first attempt to blackmail the LGT with stolen data, released and by a Liechtenstein court to four years imprisonment sentenced was. Heinrich Kieber himself writes in his book that he voluntarily resigned from LGT in August 2002 with a notice period of November 30, 2002 and that he did not steal the daily security tape with the data until August and November 2002. He had also not blackmailed early 2003 LGT it, but tried the Prince of Liechtenstein, . Hans-Adam II to necessary . For this and for fraud in buying a house in Barcelona in 1996, he was sentenced to four years in prison in the first instance. In the second instance, the sentence was commuted to one year imprisonment and suspended on probation . However, the German tax authorities had documents until 2005. Kieber could have been deliberately launched as an informant in order to protect the true source.

Media coverage

A documentary about him called Heinrich Kieber - Datendieb ran on May 7, 2010 in Liechtenstein and is extremely popular.

The magazine Stern published an exclusive interview on August 4, 2010. In it, Kieber describes how billions of illicit money were brought to Liechtenstein from around the world and how he passed the account details on to a total of 13 countries. According to his own information, he has data from 3929 foundations, companies and trusts as well as from 5828 natural persons. Of these, according to Kieber, 46 are politically exposed people , of which only the case of Klaus Zumwinkel was partially public. On August 8, 2010, Kieber published a book called “ Der Fürst. The thief. The data. “On a website in which he describes the events from his point of view.

In July 2011, the business newspaper The Australian Financial Review revealed that Kieber had pretended to be an Austrian financier in early retirement under the name Daniel Wolf for several months since August 2010 and had lived in the city of Gold Coast , near Brisbane . After the newspaper published an article about Kieber with an earlier photo of Kieber in early May 2011, Daniel Wolf went into hiding, but denied being Kieber in an email to the newspaper.

A month later, in mid-June 2011, Kieber gave a closed testimony about alleged Australian tax evaders before the highest court in Australia, the Federal Court of Australia in Brisbane.

According to the newspaper, Kieber had been on the east coast of Australia for the past few years, leading a solitary life under several false names and waiting for his testimony in the highest court.

According to the latest findings, the Liechtenstein investigating judge in Vaduz made a request for legal assistance to Australia.

International arrest warrant

After the "deal" had been completed, German authorities gave Kieber a new identity.

The Liechtenstein police have been searching for Kieber since March 11, 2008 using an international arrest warrant .



  • Sigvard Wohlwend: The data thief: How Heinrich Kieber triggered the biggest tax scandal of all time . Rotbuch Verlag, 2011, ISBN 978-3867891455 . (Biography)


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