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Heinrich X. , Count Reuss younger line, Count and Lord of Plauen, Lord of Greiz, Kranichfeld, Gera, Schleiz, Lobenstein and Ebersdorf (born November 29, 1662 in Lobenstein ; † June 10, 1711 in Ebersdorf ), since 1678 in Ebersdorf , is the founder of the Reuss-Ebersdorf line and great, great-great-grandfather of Queen Victoria of Great Britain .


Heinrich was the youngest son Heinrich X. (Reuss-Lobenstein) (1621–1671), Herr zu Lobenstein, Hirschberg and Ebersdorf (himself the youngest son of Heinrich II Posthumus ) and his wife Marie Sibylle Reuss zu Obergreiz. He was raised to the rank of imperial count in 1673. After the division of the country in 1678, Heinrich was assigned the Ebersdorf residence , which was a curiosity in that it was a village. When the count wanted to get married, between 1692 and 1694 he had the existing manor house converted into a modest castle and a baroque garden laid out.

Henry married on November 29, 1694 finally in Laubach Erdmuthe Benigna (1670-1732), daughter of Count Johann Friedrich zu Solms-Laubach. The couple were considered extremely pious, and were close friends with the Halle Pietist educator August Hermann Francke , and later also with Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf , whose father-in-law he became. Ebersdorf soon became a center of Pietism in Thuringia.


Count Heinrich X. had the following children:

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