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Heinz Hassler († July 29, 1986 in Grabs , Canton of St. Gallen ) was a Liechtenstein police lieutenant and head of the Liechtenstein search police. His violent death led to a rethinking of the equipment and organizational structure of the Liechtenstein police force.



Shortly after noon on July 29, 1986, he was shot in connection with the investigation against a 32-year-old West German national for a rape offense when Hassler and other officers went to his apartment. The suspect had been wanted since July 25th. Hassler was admitted to the Grabs Cantonal Hospital, where he died of his injuries.

The rifleman was caught by the Graubünden canton police at 12:30 a.m. on July 31, near the municipality of Landquart , when he tried to cross the Tardis Bridge on foot shortly after being recognized by a police cordon. The officers started his chase and opened fire when he ignored their shouts. He was hit in the stomach and shoulder by three bullets from police weapons and later died of his gunshot wounds in the cantonal hospital in Chur.

Hassler's funeral took place on August 3, 1986. Among the more than 1,000 mourners were Hereditary Prince Hans Adam , the head of government Hans Brunhart , the state parliament president Karlheinz Ritter , as well as members of the government, members of the parliamentary groups and foreign delegations of security organs from Switzerland , Austria and Germany .

Hassler's murder was the reason for the formation of the special unit “Intervention Unit ” (IVE), which was created in 1989 based on the Swiss model. Furthermore, in 1986, the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein felt compelled to bring an increase in the strength of the Princely Liechtenstein Security Corps to the State Parliament by 1991 . Werner Marxer became the new head of the search police in 1987 .

Hassler was 51 years old, married and had one son.

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