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Jörg Henning Schluß (born December 30, 1968 in Halle (Saale) ) is a German educational scientist and theologian.


Henning Schluß grew up in Dessau and completed an apprenticeship as an industrial electronics technician after completing the ten-class polytechnic high school . He refused to do military service and in 1988 became the first (unofficial) civilian service in the GDR in the Diaconal Peace Service . During the fall of the Berlin Wall , Schluß became a founding member of the New Forum in Dessau and Quedlinburg .

From 1990 to 1994 he studied at the Paulinum Theological Seminary in Berlin and graduated with the first theological exam. After studying educational sciences and theology at the Humboldt University in Berlin , he received his doctorate in 2003 with a thesis on the transformation of curriculum development in the new federal states . From 2003 he was a research assistant in the general educational science department. His academic work primarily deals with the topics of GDR education, religious education , political education and values ​​education . From 2008 to 2010 he was the senior consistorial councilor u. a. responsible for religious instruction in Brandenburg at the Evangelical Church (EKBO). In 2009 he completed his habilitation at the Humboldt University in Berlin for educational sciences. In August 2010 he was appointed professor for empirical educational research and educational theory at the University of Vienna .

Finally , the company paedigi is in charge of developing didactic material for educational media , especially in the field of political education. He is the editor of the Internet portal for classroom recordings from the GDR on the pedagogical specialist portal. He is a member of the board of the Comenius Institute in Münster, the corresponding publisher of the journal for pedagogy and theology, a member of the editorial board of ZeitspRUng, a university councilor at the Church of Education University in Vienna / Krems and chairman of the Evangelical Educational Institute in Oranienburg.


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