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Henrik Eberle (born May 3, 1970 in Karl-Marx-Stadt ) is a German historian .


The son of an engineer and a pharmaceutical engineer did his Abitur at EOS “Professor Dr. Max Schneider ”in Lichtenstein and studied history and related subjects at the Martin Luther University in Halle . After completing his studies, Eberle worked as an editor . He has been a freelance historian and publicist since 1999 . Among other things, he worked for Die Zeit and ZDF . His biography Notes on Honecker was controversial . In 2002 he was awarded a Dr. phil. PhD .

The book Das Buch Hitler published by him and his colleague Matthias Uhl has been translated into more than 25 languages. For the book Letters to Hitler , published in 2007 by Lübbe Verlag , he used the holdings of the special archive of the Russian Defense Ministry (RGWA), including the files of Adolf Hitler's private law firm , headed by Albert Bormann . For the book Was Hitler Krank? Published together with the physician Hans-Joachim Neumann in 2009 . the authors reevaluated the estate of Hitler's personal physician Theo Morell and thus made a contribution to Adolf Hitler's psychopathography .

Eberle is the author of the bio-bibliographical online encyclopedia for the professors of the University of Halle from 1817 to 1968 ( Catalogus Professorum Halensis ).

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