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Henry Hathaway (born March 13, 1898 in Sacramento , California , † February 11, 1985 in Hollywood ) was an American film director .


Hathaway learned the profession of director as an assistant to filmmakers like Josef von Sternberg and Victor Fleming . In the 1920s he was an assistant on the legendary monumental film Ben Hur . He assisted Fleming in 1929 with the first filming of the Western The Virginian , which from 1962 was the basis for the television series The People of Shiloh Ranch , which was also called The Virginian . In 1930 he assisted von Sternberg with Marocco , Marlene Dietrich's first film in the USA.

From 1932 he was able to direct independently and became one of the most successful directors of westerns. Hathaway was nominated for an Oscar in 1936 . After 1945 he made some of the best black series Hollywood thrillers . In the 1960s, he brought the western genre to a new bloom, with films that are now considered classics.

Over the course of his career, Hathaway has received several awards and has been nominated for various awards. In 1960 he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 1967 he was awarded the Golden Laurel as a director .

Hathaway was buried in the "Holy Cross Cemetery" in Culver City , California .

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