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Hermann Laurent (before 1908)

Hermann Laurent (completely Matthieu Paul Hermann Laurent ) (born September 2, 1841 in Luxembourg City , † February 19, 1908 in Paris ) was a French mathematician .


His parents were Auguste Laurent and Anne-Françoise Schrobilgen. Hermann was born in Luxembourg , but grew up in France in Bordeaux , where his father, an important chemist , held a chair. After his death in 1853 he studied at the École polytechnique in Paris and the École d'Application in Metz . He joined the military, which he left as an officer in 1865. Since 1862 Laurent wrote mathematical works, the first he published in 1865. In 1866 he got a job at the Polytechnique after his doctoral thesis, which he left again in 1870–1871 because he returned to active military service in the Franco-Prussian War .

From 1871, Laurent also worked as an actuary . In 1874 he married Berthe Moutard. In 1889 he became a professor at the Paris Ecole Agronomique , and in 1905 he was accepted into the Legion of Honor . Hermann Laurent died on February 19, 1908 in Paris.


Laurent's first work from 1862 was called Traité des séries (treatise on series ), in 1865 he published the Traité des résidus (treatise on residuals ). He wrote a total of 30 books and a large number of smaller texts. His main field of work remained analysis , especially series and differential equations ; but he also dealt with geometry and statistics , especially life tables . He was considered an influential university professor and textbook author ( Traité d'arithmétique , Traité d'analysis ), sometimes using the pseudonyms C.A. for bureaucratic reasons. Laisant and E. Lemoine used (a college examiner was not allowed to publish about his exam area). One of his contributions is the Laurent loop in fractional infinitesimal calculus .

The Laurent series , however, are named after Pierre Alphonse Laurent (1813–1854). Hermann Laurent, however, also worked on these series.


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