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Hernando siles reyes

Hernando Siles Reyes (born August 5, 1882 in Sucre , † November 23, 1942 in Lima ) was a Bolivian lawyer and, as a politician, the 39th President of Bolivia from 1926 to 1930 .

Hernando Siles Reyes was born in 1882 to Adolfo Siles and Remedios Reyes, who belonged to two distinguished families in Chuquisaca . After studying law, he was rector of the Bolivian Universidad de San Francisco Javier and founded the Partido Nacionalista (PN), but was politically close to the Partido Socialista Republicano (PSR) under Bautista Saavedra , which had come to power in 1920. As Saavedra's successor, Siles won the 1926 elections with Saavedra's brother as Vice President, Abdon Saavedra.

As president, he quickly became a highly respected politician, especially when he broke with the Saavedra family and exiled both his presidential predecessor and his vice-president.

At the same time, however, his presidency was on the one hand heavily burdened economically by the far-reaching effects of the global economic crisis of 1929, on the other hand politically burdened by the increasing tensions with neighboring Paraguay , which led to the Chaco War between the two countries in the following years .

In the following years, President Siles sent other political opponents into exile and thus expanded his political leeway, but in the following year 1930 it came to a crucial test when Siles wanted to extend his term of office on his own, under the condition that the increasing economic and international political crisis would be in this way wanting to master. That was all his opponents needed. By resigning on May 28, 1930 and fleeing to Chile, he escaped the looming coup, but his cabinet remained in office for the time being. His successor General Carlos Blanco Galindo dismissed the cabinet in June of the same year and set new elections for 1931, which were won by Daniel Salamanca Urey (Partido Republicano-Genuino).

Until his death in November 1942, Hernando Siles lived in exile mainly in Lima , where he was appointed Bolivian ambassador by President Salamanca in 1934, an office which he held for another seven years.

Hernando Siles had six children:

  • Hernán Siles Zuazo : Bolivian President from 1956 to 1960 and again from 1982 to 1985
  • Ernesto Siles Gomez
  • Telmo Siles
  • Luis Adolfo Siles Salinas : Bolivian Vice President from 1966 to 1969 and President of the country from April to September 1969.
  • Jorge Siles Salinas
  • Teresa Siles Salinas


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