Hesse (meat)

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Beef leg slice

As Hesse or Wade , Austrian Wadschunken ( synonym also Wadschinken ), parts of the lower leg of beef and veal are referred to (the latter usually as a veal shank or shank ). The Hesse belonging to the rear leg is larger and has a higher meat content than the front leg .

The meat of the Hesse is long-grained and strongly interwoven with connective tissue - therefore it has to be stewed or cooked for a long time, but then becomes particularly aromatic and tender. The gelatin released in the process also binds the cooking liquid.

Rinderhesse is usually offered as a leg slice (cut across the bone) as a high-quality soup meat that still contains the central tubular bone with bone marrow . The meat of the rear calf is particularly suitable for beef goulash and other ragouts . Veal Hesse is usually either fried whole (e.g. Bavarian veal knuckle) or braised as a slice of leg (e.g. with Ossobuco ).

Individual evidence

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