Hollow yolk

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Hollow yolk
Fruiting hollow yolk (Myagrum perfoliatum)

Fruiting hollow yolk ( Myagrum perfoliatum )

Eurosiden II
Order : Cruciferous (Brassicales)
Family : Cruciferous vegetables (Brassicaceae)
Tribe : Isatideae
Genre : Myagrum
Type : Hollow yolk
Scientific name of the  genus
Scientific name of the  species
Myagrum perfoliatum

The hollow yolk ( Myagrum perfoliatum ), also known as Pastel or German Indigo , is the only species of the Myagrum plant genus within the cruciferous family (Brassicaceae).


The hollow yolk is a deciduous, one to two year old herbaceous plant that reaches heights of 20 to 60 centimeters. It has an unpleasant odor. The upright, blue-green stem is usually sparsely branched in the upper part. The stem leaves are entire or finely serrated and at the base heart-shaped to arrow-shaped stem encompassing. The flowering period is between May and June. The 3 to 4 mm long petals are light yellow. The 5 to 8 mm long, pear-shaped pods stand upright on thickened fruit stalks that lie close to the stem.

The species has chromosome number 2n = 14.


The hollow yolk is a therophyte .


The natural range of the hollow yolk extends from the Mediterranean region to the east to Iran and southern Russia . From non- Mediterranean Europe north to Norway and Sweden, in North America and Australia , it is a neophyte . The hollow yolk populates in Central Europe in areas with warm summers grain and rapeseed fields, and occasionally also patchy wasteland . It occurs rarely in the Hessian mountains , on the Neckar , on the Danube and in the foothills of the Alps , in western Switzerland , in Lower Austria , in the Vienna basin and at the foot of the Alps ; occasionally, its range extends to Hamburg and Berlin . The hollow yolk is unstable almost everywhere today. Although it was never common in Central Europe, it has been drastically pushed back again by the use of herbicides . The hollow yolk thrives on nutrient-rich , calcareous or calcareous loam soils . It is a character type of the Caucalidion association, but also occurs in societies of the Sisymbrion association.


The genus Myagrum was established by Carl von Linné . The generic name Myagrum means flycatcher. The specific epithet perfoliatum means streaky leaves. Myagrum perfoliatum is the only species of the genus Myagrum from the Isatideae tribe within the Brassicaceae family .


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