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Hor-Behdeti in hieroglyphics
Old empire
G5 F18

Second split
G5 F18

Greco-Roman time
G5 F18
X1 X1

Hor-winged sun
HR Bḥdtj
Horus , who to (southern) Behdet belongs
Edfu Temple 09.jpg
Behdeti with the double feather crown
(temple in Edfu )

Hor-Behdeti (also Hor-Behedeti , Horus von Edfu ) is a form of the god Horus in Egyptian mythology and was first documented in the Old Kingdom . It enjoyed a special cult status in Edfu , as it also appeared as a manifestation of the Hor-heri-wadjef . In addition, Hor-sa-aset-sa-Usir , Harsiese , Harendotes , Behdeti and the falcon of Khnum also called themselves Hor-Behdeti.

Iconography of the Hor-Behdeti

Temple in Edfu

  • Falcon-headed with two bowls in his hands.
  • As a man with the face of a hawk; with the white crown of the south , red crown of the north and a double feather crown as well as a spiral and two urea on his head. His back is shaped like a hawk, holding a harpoon and rope in his hands.
  • Falcon-headed sitting on two crocodiles with the sun disk on their heads; holding a sickle in his right hand and a scorpion in his left hand. Hawk wings can be seen on his back.
  • Falcon on a standard, optionally over three rushes.
  • Winged carab with a sun disk between the front legs and a shear ring between the rear legs.
  • Human headed as a sphinx with a hemhem crown , trampling two enemies.
  • Lion with a human head and hemhem crown, claws like a knife and standing on enemies.

Mythological connections

Hor-Behdeti was involved in the Osirism myth as Hor-heri-wadjef and fought against Seth as a subsidiary form of Horus . In this capacity he was both child and husband of Isis , which in turn explains his mythological connection with Buto .

In the New Kingdom , the Hor Behdeti festival was celebrated on 5th Achet I every year in his honor . As the deity of the moon eye , the twelfth day of the lunar month was dedicated to him. Hor-Behdeti is attested in the Middle Kingdom as the local god of the second Upper Egyptian Gau .

In the temple of Edfu he formed a triad with Hathor of Dendera and Ihi .

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Individual evidence

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