Ignaz Schuster

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Ignaz Schuster, lithograph by Joseph Kriehuber , 1830
Ignaz Schuster on stage

Ignaz Schuster (born July 20, 1779 in Vienna ; † November 6, 1835 there ) was an Austrian singer (bass), actor and composer of the old Viennese folk theater .


Schuster began his career at the theater as a singer, but soon switched to spoken theater. After engagements at various stages, he came to the Leopoldstädter Theater . There he joined in 1813 , the citizens of Vienna of Adolf Bäuerle and found it in the figure of the umbrella maker Chrysostom Staberl the role of his life. In the following years, several stabberliaden in the typical Viennese character comedy followed .

From 1817 Ferdinand Raimund and Schuster were competitors at the Leopoldstadt Theater ; but they did not appear together for the first time until 1830.

Between 1812 and 1828 Schuster also worked as a director at the Leopoldstädter Theater and composed, among others, the incidental music for Adolf Bäuerle , Joachim Perinet and Josef Alois Gleich .

Ignaz Schuster died on November 6, 1835 in Vienna at the age of 56. He and was buried at the General Währinger Friedhof .

His brother Josef Anton Schuster (1770-1852) was an actor and librettist, his other brother Anton Schuster a singer (tenor).


  • The Adventures of a Real Shawl in Vienna (1820)
  • Baron Barefoot (1804)
  • Cora, the sun maiden (1812)
  • Hamlet, Prince of the Tandelmarkt (1807)
  • Jupiter in Vienna (1825)
  • The Palace of Truth (1810)
  • The upside-down world (1814)


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