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Increase Sumner (born November 27, 1746 in Roxbury , Province of Massachusetts Bay , †  June 7, 1799 in Boston , Massachusetts) was an American politician and lawyer who belonged to the Federalist Party .

Increase Sumner attended Harvard University , where he graduated in 1767. After joining the Bar in 1770, he began practicing law in Roxbury. From 1776 he was politically active: first as a member of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts until 1780, then as a member of the State Senate until 1782. In 1780 he was also a member of the Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts.

From 1782 to 1797, Sumner served as a judge on the Massachusetts Supreme Court . During this time he took part in 1788 as a delegate to the assembly that ratified the United States Constitution for Massachusetts . In 1791 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences . From April 3, 1797, Sumner held the post of governor of Massachusetts after a successful election . He was confirmed twice and died in office on June 7, 1799. His lieutenant governor, Moses Gill , succeeded, but also died before the end of his term in office. Thereupon the Governor's Council under the leadership of Thomas Dawes took over the duties of the governor before with Caleb Strong again an elected successor was available.

Increase Sumner, after which the city of Sumner in Maine is named, was buried on the Granary Burying Ground in Boston. His son, General William H. Sumner , became a noted soldier.

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