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Ingrid Loschek (born February 9, 1950 in Vienna , † March 5, 2010 in Munich ) was an Austrian university professor and specialist in the history of fashion .


Ingrid Loschek studied theater studies and costume history in Vienna and Manchester , received her doctorate in Vienna in 1973 and lived in Munich.

From 1995 she taught fashion history and theory at the University of Design, Technology and Economics in Pforzheim . As a visiting scholar, she lectured at Harvard University in 1995/96 and at Japan Women's University, Tokyo , in 2004 in connection with a research project on Women's Emancipation from 1850s to 1990s communicated by fashion . In 2004 she led a fashion workshop in Hanoi and Saigon on the occasion of the Performing Art Festival of the ASEM V summit conference. In 2005 she lectured as a visiting professor at Helwan University in Cairo and in El-Mansura, Egypt.

In 1998 she received the European Fashion Initiative Prize from the European Economic Community for the Promotion of Culture.

Research and Teaching

Ingrid Loschek dealt with past, present and future fashion. Her interdisciplinary research extended to sociological and ethnological components of fashion, to innovation theories in fashion and to the interaction between fashion and art.

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