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A guild health insurance fund ( IKK ) is a statutory health insurance provider (GKV) in the Federal Republic of Germany . Most of those insured are for historical reasons craftsmen, even if every IKK is now open to all insured.


Most guild health insurance funds developed out of journeyman's brotherhoods , independent journeyman's organizations, which, in addition to trade union tasks, also took on the functions of a health insurance company. With the introduction of the statutory health insurance in 1883 by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck , they took over the tasks of the statutory health insurance companies. From 1892 the guild health insurance funds became allocation funds by law. The guilds had the opportunity to join a guild health insurance fund as the supporting guild. If a company belonged to such a guild, the employees employed there automatically became members of the guild health insurance fund. For most regions in Germany there were guild health insurance funds, which were supported by several guilds.

This principle was suspended in 1996 when the health insurance funds opened up. Most of the guild health insurance funds have since been merged into state health insurance funds, so that there are now only six guild health insurance funds (for comparison: in 1994 there were around 150 guild health insurance funds nationwide). All guild health insurance funds have opened up to all persons by decision of the self-administration and are now freely selectable for everyone. However, some guild health insurance funds are only open for certain federal states, so that only people who live or work there can become members of the respective guild health insurance funds.

The following graphic shows the reduction in the number of guild health insurance funds from 1995 to 2019:


The guild health insurance funds are self-governing bodies under public law . The board of directors is made up of insured and employer representatives on an equal footing, while the IKKn board members elected by the board of directors manage day-to-day business. Some of the IKKn act supraregionally for two or more regions or nationally. In addition to the classic organizational structure with branches, there was a direct IKK, which the insured could only reach via the Internet or by telephone.

Joint representation of the guild health insurance funds

The Bundesinnungskrankenkasse Gesundheit , Guild Health Insurance Fund Brandenburg and Berlin , IKK healthy plus , Guild Health Insurance Fund Lower Saxony , Guild Health Insurance Fund North Rhine , the North and Central German IKK , IKK Thuringia and United IKK founded the Joint Representation of Guild Health Insurance Funds on March 12, 2008 . V. (IKK e.V.). Since January 1st, 2009 the IKK e. V. is active in the capital for its member funds. The IKK Baden-Württemberg and Hessen and IKK Sachsen , however, founded a working group in June 2008 and, when they were incorporated into the IKK classic in 2010, became part of the IKK e. V. has been integrated.

Members of the IKK e. V .:

One focus of the association's activities is dealing with implementation requirements in social law, in particular with SGB ​​V , as well as with legislative procedures. In addition, the IKK e. V. encourage professional discussion. The association has 13 employees.

Until 2008, the interests of the guild health insurance funds were politically represented and coordinated by the joint IKK federal association based in Bergisch Gladbach. As part of the 2007 health reform , in accordance with Section 212 of the  Social Code Book V, the statutory tasks were withdrawn from the federal associations on July 1, 2008 and transferred by the legislature to the newly formed federal association of health insurance funds . The IKK Federal Association therefore lost its status as a corporation under public law with effect from January 1, 2009 and had to be converted into a company under civil law . In contrast to numerous local and company health insurance funds, the guild health insurance funds did not succeed in rebuilding a common interest group. The IKK-Bundesverband GbR was not assigned any tasks, the approximately 260 employees, who were protected from redundancies until December 31, 2012, were partially released from the obligation to be present at the workplace and are to be placed in new employment relationships. The IKK Federal Association is therefore finally in liquidation (i. L.).

facts and figures

The IKK looks after 5,463,758 people with health insurance in Germany (as of July 2012). This corresponds to a market share of 7.8%.

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