The north and central German IKK

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The north and central German IKK
Cash register type Guild Health Insurance Fund
legal form Public corporation
resolution December 31, 2009
Administrative headquarters Celle

The North and Central German IKK - short form numIKK - was a German guild health insurance fund based in Haldensleben , whose roots go back to the year 1787. As a handicraft facility for health care, it was one of the oldest facilities in Celle .

In 1935 the guild health insurance funds of the individual craft guilds in Celle merged to form the IKK Celle . Another merger followed in 1993: the IKK Celle and the IKK of the Harburg district merged to form the IKK Celle and Harburg-Land . It was named the North and Central German IKK when the IKK Celle and Harburg-Land merged ten years later (2003) with the IKK Ostfalen . Since 2006 it has appeared under the abbreviation numIKK . On December 8, 2009, the Board of Directors resolved to merge with Signal Iduna IKK at the end of 2009.

As a health insurance company, numIKK was a public corporation. In addition to Celle and Haldensleben, branches in Helmstedt , Bad Fallingbostel , Burgdorf near Hanover , Oschersleben , Winsen / Luhe and Wolmirstedt belonged to numIKK.

The numIKK was open for Berlin , Brandenburg , Bremen , Hamburg , Hesse , Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , Lower Saxony , North Rhine-Westphalia , Rhineland-Palatinate , Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt . It looked after around 57,300 insured persons and around 9,700 employers.

In addition to the services prescribed by law, numIKK offered extensive additional services, including in the areas of prevention and additional insurance.

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