Guild Health Insurance Fund Lower Saxony

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Guild Health Insurance Fund Lower Saxony
social insurance Statutory health insurance
Cash register type Guild Health Insurance Fund
legal form Public corporation
founding April 1, 1996
resolution March 31, 2010
Seat Hanover
Insured 310,000

The Lower Saxony Guild Health Insurance Fund - short form IKK Lower Saxony - based in Hanover was founded on April 1, 1996 from 12 regional guild health insurance funds as a corporation under public law and was a German social security institution as a health guild health insurance fund .

Open to the whole of Germany, it maintained a network of branches with 46 locations in Lower Saxony. According to its own information, she looked after around 310,000 insured persons and 35,000 companies (as of May 19, 2007).

On April 1, 2010, it merged with the AOK Lower Saxony across all health insurance schemes .