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Jacob Lossius (also: Jakob Loss ; born June 22, 1596 in Dippoldiswalde ; † January 28, 1663 in Borna ) was a German Lutheran theologian.


The son of the rector in Dippoldiswalde and later pastor in Kohren Jacob Lossius (1572-1625) and his wife Regina, a daughter of Naumburg councilor Georg Seyfart (* Friday after Jubilate 1556 in Naumburg), were initially trained by private teachers. Then he attended the city school in Naumburg and in 1612 the grammar school in Gera . In 1617 he began studying philosophy at the University of Leipzig . Here he acquired his bachelor's degree and his master's degree in philosophy in 1620 . In 1621 he moved to the University of Wittenberg and after nine months became his father's substitute in Kohren .

In 1622 he took over a position as a private tutor in Pomerania, not far from Stettin. In 1624 he became a deacon in Borna, was promoted to archdeacon in 1634 and in 1640 had also exercised the office of overseer of the church district. In 1647 he became pastor in Borna and on November 7, 1649 superintendent there . During that time he witnessed the siege of the city by the troops of Wallenstein, in which he himself had to flee from the troops of the Catholics in an adventurous way.


Lossius was married three times. On July 3, 1627 he married in Pegau Magdalena († November 16, 1633 in Borna), the daughter of the licentiate in theology and professor in Leipzig Johann Mühlmann . There were three sons and a daughter from that marriage, and three children died at a young age. He concluded his second marriage on November 12, 1636 with Anna, the daughter of Borna city judge Wolfgang Falckner. The marriage resulted in a daughter who, however, died again after 14 weeks. After his second wife died in childbirth, he went to Borna on February 10, 1640, with Maria († May 13, 1700 in Borna), a daughter of the Borna baker Georg Krause. From this marriage there were four sons and three daughters, two of whom died young. From the other children it is known:

  • Johannes Lossius (* May 1628; † April 13, 1684 in Eula), attended the Grimma State School (September 19, 1642 to April 5, 1648), 1652 Magister in Leipzig, 1652 pastor in Eula and Thierbach near Borna, married since 1655 Dorothea, daughter of George Weißbach, electoral Saxon administrator in Waldheim, then city judge in Mittweida, where he died on December 5, 1662; and Barbara Forberger otherwise called Sader (* 1611 in Mittweida, † 1677 in Mittweida).
  • Jeremias Lossius (1643–1684), professor of anatomy and botany at the University of Wittenberg
  • Georg Lossius († May 3, 1700), attended the electoral state school in Grimma (February 28, 1659 to January 23, 1664), studied theology,
  • Mary Magdalene Lossius
  • Anna Catharina Lossius
  • Dorothea Lossius


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