Jacobsen Bight

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Jacobsen Bight
Waters South Atlantic
Land mass South Georgia
Geographical location 54 ° 24 '55 "  S , 36 ° 50' 28"  W Coordinates: 54 ° 24 '55 "  S , 36 ° 50' 28"  W.
Jacobsen Bight (South Georgia)
Jacobsen Bight
width 6 km
Tributaries Bary Glacier , Christophersen Glacier , Eclipse Glacier

The Jacobsen Bight is a 6-km wide bay on the South Georgia . It lies between the Larvik Cone and Cape Darnley .

The Norwegian geologist Olaf Holtedahl named the coastal area between Cape Darnley and the Sandefjord as Sukkertopp bukta in 1929 and designated it as a single bay. The German explorer Ludwig Kohl-Larsen, on the other hand, named the more northwestern two bays in the same stretch of coast as Sugar Tip Bay in 1930 . The South Georgia Survey confirmed the existence of two bays after detailed surveys of the coast between 1951 and 1952. Since the name derived from Mount Sugartop is misleading because the mountain is significantly removed from the bay described here, the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee proposed a new name in 1957. The namesake of the current name is Fridthjof Jacobsen (1874-1933), from 1904 to 1921 employee of the Argentine fishing company Compañía Argentina de Pesca , founded by the Norwegian whaling entrepreneur Carl Anton Larsen in 1904 , of which he was later vice-president.

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