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Compass direction east west
Pass height 1611  m above sea level A.
location on the Speikkogel near St. Georgen im Lavanttal , Lower Carinthia
Watershed Bäreneckgraben ( Lavant ) Krennbach / Kreuzbach ( Feistritz )
expansion Forest path
Mountains Koralpe : Speikkogel / Kleinalpl
Map (Carinthia)
Jauksattel (Carinthia)
Coordinates 46 ° 45 '16 "  N , 14 ° 59' 11"  E Coordinates: 46 ° 45 '16 "  N , 14 ° 59' 11"  E



The Jauksattel is a 1611  m above sea level. A. high pass in the southern Koralm in Carinthia .

Location and landscape

The saddle is located south of the Großer Speikkogel  ( 2140  m above sea level ), the highest mountain in the Koralm. The name comes from Slavic Jug , Carinthian / Styrian-Slovenian Jauk 'south', that's the name of the southern ridge of the Speikkogelstock. The Kleinalpl rises to the south  ( 1759  m above sea level ).

The main ridge of the Styrian Randgebirge turns south-east on the Speikkogel to the Radlpass , and then heads east to the Possruck (Kozjak) . The Kleinalpl is somewhat exposed by the valleys of the Feistritz (Mučka Bistrica) , a tributary of the Drau (Drava) near Muta (Hohenmauthen) . In the international standardized orographic division of the Alps (SOIUSA / IVOEA), the Kleinalpl group (II / A-20.II.A.3) is therefore separated from the main Koralm group of the Speikkogel (A.2) on the Jauksattel. To the south the ridge leads to the Hühnerkogel (Košenjak) , the southern spur of the Koralpe.

The Bäreneckgraben flows westwards over the Ragglbach near Maria Rojach to Lavant . To the east below the Kreuzbach (in the upper course of the Krennbach) runs south over the Krumbach to Feistritz in the Soboth area .

The saddle belongs to the municipality of St. Georgen im Lavanttal . Neither the Jauksattel nor the Koralm main ridge are the state border here, this crosses between the valleys and leads over the Dreieckkogel  ( 1528  m above sea level ), and follows old rulership borders .

Development and ways

From the Speikkogel southwards, the Carinthian border path , the Styrian state circular walk , the Jakobsweg and the Lavanttaler Höhenweg lead together . The former and the latter lead at the pilgrims' cross south of the pass west around the Kleinalpl summit towards the Soboth pass, the others south-east over the Dreieckkogel to the town of Soboth. The Koralpen crossing runs to the north . Otherwise the area is opened up with numerous forest roads.

The Koralm tunnel , which is currently under construction , will largely run directly under the saddle. With the culmination of its roof profile , it will be almost 1,300 meters below.

Individual evidence

  1. As in Yugoslavs 'South Slavs'; compare the wind Jauk , ' (south) foehn ': In western Styria, the downwind from the west over the Koralpe is called Jauk , it could also be specifically meant 'saddle over which the Jauk blows'.
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