Jean-Pierre Maransin

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Jean-Pierre Maransin (born March 20, 1770 in Lourdes , † May 15, 1828 in Paris ) was a French general.

Live and act

Marasin was the son of a businessman and also learned this trade in his parents' business. Enthusiastic about the ideals of the revolution , he first joined a vigilante group and joined the army on February 13, 1792, and was sworn in with the rank of captain on the same day.

Together with Théophile Malo Corret de la Tour d'Auvergne , Maransin was soon able to distinguish himself through bravery in the Revolutionary Wars ; u. a. he fought valiantly in Italy for some time.

On November 8, 1808, Maransin was promoted to Général de division . At this time he ran his own command and helped to implement Napoleon's policy in Spain . He took part in the siege of Saragossa (December 1808 / February 1809) and fought valiantly at Oporto (May 12, 1809) and Ocaña (November 19, 1809).

The following year Maransin took part in the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (April / July 1810) and fought valiantly at Gévora (February 19, 1811) and La Albuera (May 16, 1811). He took part in the siege of Badajoz (March / April 1812) and fought valiantly in front of Salamanca (July 22, 1812). After the Battle of Vitoria (June 21, 1813) Maransin was able to return to France together with a large part of the Grande Armée .

After the Battle of Waterloo (June 18, 1815) Maransin joined the Bourbons and supported King Louis XVIII. After some, mostly administrative tasks, Maransin was put into provisional retirement on October 26, 1815; Officially, he was in December 1825 by King Charles X retires.

Jean-Pierre Maransin settled in Paris and did not take any political office. He died on May 15, 1828 and found his final resting place in the Père Lachaise cemetery (28th division). A friend, the writer Honoré Muraire (1750–1837), wrote a remarkable eulogy for General Maransin.



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