Jean Elias Benjamin Valz

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Jean Elias Benjamin Valz.

Jean Elias Benjamin Valz (born May 27, 1787 in Nîmes , † April 22, 1867 ) was a French astronomer .

Valz initially trained as an engineer , but later turned to astronomy . He observed and calculated in particular the orbit of comets .

In 1835 he hypothesized that the observed orbital disturbances of Halley's Comet are caused by the gravitational effects of a planet beyond Uranus . The planet Neptune was not yet discovered at that time.

Valz set up a private observatory at his home in Nimes. When he took over the post of director of the Marseille Observatory , he left his house to the young astronomer Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent , who discovered the asteroid (51) Nemausa from there .

Valz was at times seen as the discoverer of two asteroids: (20) Massalia and (25) Phocaea . Their discovery is now attributed to the Italian Annibale de Gasparis or Valz's colleague Jean Chacornac .

On December 17, 1832, he became a corresponding member of the Académie des Sciences .

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