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Jean Schoos (born June 8, 1924 in Luxembourg-Bahnhofsviertel , † April 9, 2005 in Berdorf , Luxembourg ) was a Luxembourg historian .

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From 1946 to 1949 Schoos studied at the university in Freiburg, Switzerland . He received his doctorate there in 1949 in French on the history of Luxembourg in the first half of the 13th century . He then moved to the University of Bonn , where he joined in 1954 in German language with a thesis on the late medieval power struggle between Burgundy and Orléans and its consequences for the German-French border area habilitated .

From 1957 Schoos taught at the Bonn Institute for Historical Regional Studies of the Rhineland , first as a private lecturer , then from 1964, following a visiting professorship at the University of Toulouse , as a professor. In 1989 he retired , but continued his courses (including regular lectures on the history of France in French) until 1995. From 1952 Schoos was a corresponding member of the history section of the Luxembourg Institute Grand-Ducal .

The focus of Schoos' research was, in addition to the French history of the late Middle Ages , above all the history of Luxembourg and its dynasties, on which he published several studies spanning epochs, in which he always combined geographical and genealogical approaches. From this a volume grew in 1990 on "orders and decorations" of the Luxembourgish dukes and their successors in Nassau .



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