Johann Adolph von Hettersdorf

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No longer existing epitaph with family coat of arms (center), formerly Sepultur of the chapter house at Würzburg Cathedral
Coat of arms of the barons of Hettersdorf

Baron Johann Adolph von Hettersdorf ( April 2, 1678 , † April 9, 1727 in Würzburg ) was the capitular of the Würzburg cathedral chapter and prorector of the Julius Maximilians University .


He came from the old Franconian noble family of the Barons von Hettersdorf and was born as the son of Baron Georg Adolf von Hettersdorf and his wife Anna Dorothea Hundt von Saulheim.

After he was tonsured in Würzburg on April 29, 1691 , he was revoked as domicellar at the Würzburg Cathedral on July 7 of the same year through the collation of Philipp Ludwig Faust von Stromberg. On March 24, 1720, Johann Adolph was ordained a subdeacon in Würzburg and entered the cathedral chapter on April 17, 1720. After he had received the ordination as a deacon on November 30, 1723 , he officiated from 1721 to 1724 as Rector Magnificus and in 1725 as Vice-Rector of the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg. Since December 30, 1725 he was also President of the Juliusspital .

His brother Franz Rudolph von Hettersdorf (1675-1729) was the capitular at St. Burkard Abbey in Würzburg and canon in the diocese of Worms . An epitaph in Worms Cathedral commemorates him .


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