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Johann Caspar Ripp , also Johann Kaspar Rib (baptized April 4, 1681 in Hanau ; † June 27, 1726 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German porcelain , faience and blue painter who worked as a traveling painter in Frankfurt (until 1708 ), Ansbach (1710–1712), Nuremberg (1712–1713), Bayreuth (1714–1717), Braunschweig (1717–1721) or Meißen , as well as a farm manufacturer in Zerbst (1723).


Rib was born the son of the butcher Paulus Rib and trained as a painter in a faience factory in Delft. Then he came back to Frankfurt where he married on July 27, 1702. Between 1703 and 1708 he and his wife had several children who were born and baptized in Frankfurt. From 1710 he worked in the faience factory in Ansbach , newly founded by Margrave Friedrich Wilhelm , where he worked for two years. Rib worked there as a founding master before he went to Nuremberg to open his own manufacture there with the three pitcher dealers Christoph Marx (1660–1731), Heinrich Gottfried Anton Hammon (1656–1723) and Johann Conrad Romedi (1703–1720). After a year the four owners got into an argument and Rib was arrested. However, he managed to escape to Frankfurt in early May 1713. Presumably he stayed in the Frankfurt area between 1714 and 1718, where more of his children were baptized. He then worked in the princely Braunschweig faience factory , from where on July 8, 1720 he asked Johann August von Anhalt-Zerbst for permission to build a new factory. From September 6, 1720 to April 14, 1723 Rib worked as the first painter's assistant for blue decors at Johann Gregor Hoeroldt (1696–1775) in the Meißner manufactory and from 1721 to 1723 also in the production in Zerbst. He died in Frankfurt in 1726.


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