Johann Georg Hagen

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Johann Georg Hagen , SJ (born March 6, 1847 in Bregenz , Vorarlberg , † September 5, 1930 in Rome ) was an Austrian Jesuit and astronomer .

He attended the Jesuit high school Stella Matutina in Feldkirch and studied mathematics and astronomy at the universities of Bonn and Münster . He was a volunteer in the Franco-Prussian War , but fell ill with typhus .

In 1888, Hagen was entrusted with the management of the Jesuit-sponsored Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In 1906, Hagen was promoted to director of the Vatican Observatory at Castel Gandolfo in the Alban Mountains . His research mainly focused on dark clouds and variable stars .

In honor of Johann Georg Hagen, a crater on the back of the moon bears the name Hagen , and the University of Münster awarded him an honorary doctorate. Since 1908 he was a member of the Leopoldina , since 1922 a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei .


  • Atlas Stellarum Variabilium (1890–1908; Atlas of Variable Stars)


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